Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No better place to start....

...than the middle.
This blog is called Northern Composure. It is a collaborative effort between two friends who like to write, rant, and above all, laugh. Authors include myself, Hannah, and the other one. Jillian. I'll let Jillian give her own bio whenever she feels up to logging her ass on and writing it.
Me? I'm a newspaper reporter and a commercial fisherman. I'm okay at the one and worse at the other. But sharing my opinions and making people laugh in a financially barren writing pursuit? I think I could be great at that. The only person I can think of that would be better is the other one. We'll call her Diana Barry. (This is a reference to Anne of Green Gables and her BFF Diana. If you didn't already know that you might want to go to Youtube, search for "life-changing cat videos," and entertain yourself that way. Too mean? Ok I take it back.)
Here's a picture so you can visualize the face attached to the mouth. I'm the one without glasses. Or a proper shirt.
It might seem counter intuitive for me to put a picture of us in Hawaii on here. We are, after all, two Alaskan women who pride ourselves on our northern pursuits. However, we recently went on vacation together and it was probably the best time anyone has ever had.
The other day a 10-year-old said to Jillian, "You got to go on vacation with your BEST FRIEND? That is awesome!"
And she was like, "Yeah, yeah I did. It WAS awesome."
The point here is not that Jillian was bragging about her life to a 10 year old. The point is that we laughed until I literally had a persistent wheeze that revved up to a shrill howl every time I started to really laugh. Which was a lot. Because apart we may be two obnoxious chicks, but together we are brilliant.
I'm thinking this happens to other friends too, but Jillian and I have recently come down with a real case of false confidence. We find each other SO funny, and SO smart, and SO interesting, that we simply don't know how we're not famous yet. I wonder how many girlfriends across the country actually say out loud, "Oh my GOD they should make a show of us!!!"
A lot. A lot of people say that. And mean it - just like us.
So, if we had a show, and on it we got to be just us - mouthy and eccentric and feminist and funny and opinionated and way too intense - it would be called: Northern Composure.